About Us

We, Kaarvi Foods, a venture created considering healthy human lifestyle and chemically free harvested food as diet. As our tagline says HEALTHY HARVEST, we do so by engaging farmers with motivation to produce residue free and organic crops. We are emerging our footsteps in harvesting healthiest fruits intentionally Residue Free and Organic produce to keep our consumers life risk free from ingesting harmful chemicals. HEALTHY HARVEST is not just a tag line; it’s a campaign for future, campaign for healthy generation. As a Freeze Dried food manufacturer, our freeze-dried fruit contains no additives: just 100 % pure tasty fruit, similarly as for vegetables! Freeze drying technology is widely used in products such as seasonal vegetables, tropical fruit/juices (ripe/unripe), herbals/herbal extracts/aromatic herbs, spices, sprouts, flowers/flower petals, dairy products, and many more even in prepared whole meals. Freeze-dried products with appropriate packing have greater shelf life at room temperature. With the ever increasing awareness for "preservatives and additives free" food products, Freeze Dried products are gaining huge acceptance and popularity in the market. With our state of art production facility, quality assurance and reliability we are aiming to be a reliable supplier of best freeze dried products in the global market.

Our Products are free from; 

• Preservatives

• Artificial colors

• Artificial sweeteners

• Artificial flavors

• Test Enhancers

• Harmful chemicals

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